Artist Statement


From semi-abstract figures to bio-morphic abstract compositions, I strive for shapes and forms expressing life and energy. I work with different materials to convey the vision of the specific message.

I use the method of successive approximations: starting with multiple drawings, sketches and prototypes, then executing the piece, allowing the material to realize the original concept. While I work by myself, with my hands and a minimal set of tools, I rely strongly on anatomical and geometrical references, taking multiple measurements and performing calculations on my path to the finished piece. I try to work on small to medium scales, rendering pieces which can be displayed in a variety of environments.

While I work by myself, with a minimal set of tools, I rely strongly on anatomical and geometrical references. I prefer to use hand tools for both carving and modeling. On occasions I use technology to facilitate my artistic concepts, such as digitization of my drawings and 3D modeling based upon my clay prototypes.

One recurring theme for my art is the interaction between the human cognition and the immediate environment or private space. My recent explorations include the imagery of the pre-columbian world, and the ancient rituals of the Americas, especially around the Amazonas river. I’m looking for a contemporary interpretation of this ancient cultural heritage.

From stone to plaster, to mixed media, each project will dictate which material is better suited to materialize the forms and volumes I’m looking for.