Artist Bio


Jack has been creating art for more than 30 years, with several interludes. With a doctoral degree and a career as a scientist, Jack is a perennial art student, learning from the masters and applying his math and geometry background into his art.

While Jack is a computer scientist, his art always begins with drawings and maquettes made by hand.  He works with hand tools whenever possible, in a tool chain that expands to the digital world in which he uses his training in computer vision and CAD to work with 3D software to create digital sculptures. Each piece follows its own process with different materials, according to the goals of the artistic vision established in the early drawings and maquettes.

Jack initial influences were his relatives, part of a family of cabinetmakers who worked mostly with hand tools, growing up in an environment in which manual work conveyed a sense of pride. Jack has background in woodworking, welding and solid-state electronics. He’s constantly experimenting with materials and hand tools, formulating his own clay recipes, and creating his own modeling tools.

He created his first figurative clay models while in primary school, and continued developing his modeling abilities for many years, learning how to make molds and casts, and carving wood and stone. In recent years, Jack has used his carving abilities to create block prints beside his sculptures.

His sculptures have transitioned into abstraction with semi abstract figurative pieces as well as biomorphic abstraction. Jack is constantly revisiting human and animal anatomy references, trying to preserve fundamental anatomical planes, even with some of the most abstract pieces.  He also devotes significant research effort in creating modern expression of forms found in ancient artifacts, particularly from the Amazonian region, and the archaeological evidence linked to the ancient cultural groups of pre-historic South America.

After more than two decades of a successful career in science and technology, Jack has decided to expand his artistic endeavors, going beyond occasional commissions and private sells, in an effort to bring his art to a wider audience.

Jack lives and works in upstate New York.